Software - Forth

Forth resources (not all of these are specific to the 6502, but can still be useful for reference):

Forth books:

Forth standards:


Non-6502 Forth implementations:

  • eForth is a forth that is designed for easy of porting; there are only about 30 primitives and the rest of the system is written in high level Forth (consequently, eForth is relatively slow for a Forth implementation).
  • gForth is a full featured ANS Forth, with a lot of high level Forth code.
  • third (buzzard2 at the link) is a Forth variant (it was a IOCCC 1992 winner); like eForth, it has a small number of primitives (13) and the rest of the language is bootstrapped from there. Spoiler link for those who don't want to decipher the various obfuscations.
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